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Privacy Policy


Identity Theft 911's policies are to inform you anytime we may be about to collect any personal information about you, regardless of whether it is online, in person or over the telephone. This means that any time you are asked to reveal personal information about yourself to Identity Theft 911 or to an Identity Theft 911 affiliate, we will:
  • Tell you why we need to collect the information;
  • Tell you what we intend to do with it;
  • Tell you who, if anybody, we intend to share it with and why; and
  • Give you the option to either:
  • Consent to that collection of information and proceed with providing it to us for its intended purpose to redeem a service or product; or
  • Stop what you are doing and discontinue providing us with that information at the risk that the relevant service or product may not be able to be provided to you.
Identity Theft 911 does not collect personal information from visitors to its website. We do not use cookie's, beacons and do not collect IP Addresses. If you sign up for our electronic newsletter, we will ask for and collect your name and e-mail address for delivery of the newsletter. We do not sell, lease or share any information we collect from you with any 3rd parties unless you have provided your consent. (Even then information is only shared for the specific agreed to and identified purposes.)

If you have not provided us with information about yourself in the past, we do not have information about you. However, if you have provided information to Identity Theft 911 in the past and would like to know what information we currently have about you, feel free to contact Identity Theft 911's custodian of personal records at:

Identity Theft 911
Custodian of Personal Records
Eduard F. Goodman
Chief Privacy Officer
7580 N Dobson Rd, Suite 201
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

Please note that Identity Theft 911 uses its best efforts to secure all data on our systems and collected from individuals using standard industry administrative, technical and operational safeguards.

Are you a European Union citizen? Are you still concerned about Identity Theft 911 and your privacy? Identity Theft 911 participates in the U.S./E.U. Safe Harbor Program and is certified as Safe Harbor Compliant. To learn more about the U.S./E.U. Safe Harbor Program and view Identity Theft 911 core privacy principles, see our Statement on Identity Theft 911 U.S./E.U. Safe Harbor Compliance.